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Quantum Information

is studied by many people & research groups at MIT.

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Learn about quantum information by enrolling in one of MIT's courses (both graduate and undergraduate).

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  Upcoming Events
  • Tue 6/23, 1:30pm in 6C-442, Rotem Arnon Friedman (ETH Zurich), Non-signalling parallel repetition using de Finetti reductions
  • Fri 6/26, 1:30 in 6C-442, Marco Tomamichel (The University of Sydney), Processing Information with Small Quantum Devices
  • Wed 7/1, 1:30 in 6C-442 Philippe Faist (ETH Zurich), Practical, Reliable Error Bars for Quantum State Tomography
  • Tue 7/21, 1:30 in 6C-442, Antonios Varvitsiotis (NUS), TBA


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