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:: Fri 9/11, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Chris Monroe (U Maryland)
Time to Build: Co-designing a Quantum Computer with Trapped Ions

:: Fri 9/18, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Or Sattath (MIT)
When must a local Hamiltonian be unfrustrated?

Frustration free Hamiltonians play an important role in many aspects of quantum information theory and condensed matter. Determining whether a given Hamiltonian is frustration free is, however, a complexity theoretically intractable problem. Here, we prove a general criterion under which a local Hamiltonian must be frustration free. Surprisingly, this quantum property is diagnosed by a combinatorial property: analyzing the roots of the matching polynomial of the interaction graph, or in condensed matter terminology, analyzing the partition function of a classical hard-core lattice gas at negative fugacity living on the same interaction graph. We apply this to analyze when local Hamiltonians on various regular lattices and random graphs must be frustration free

:: Fri 10/9, 1:30 in 6C-442

Barry Sanders (University of Calgary)


:: Fri 10/23, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Michael Walter (Stanford)


:: Fri 10/30, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Ashley Montanaro (U. Bristol)


:: Fri 11/20, 1:30pm in 6C-442

David Gosset (Caltech)



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