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:: Fri 11/7, 1:30 in 6C-442

Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard University)
Compressing wave functions: The NO MAGIC algorithm

In this talk, I will describe recent work by my graduate student Jarrod McClean and myself (arXiv:1409.7358v1). The Non-Orthogonal Multicomponent Adaptive Greedy Imaginary Compression (NO MAGIC) scheme seeks to compress wave functions for many-body quantum systems by a combination of imaginary-time evolution, orthogonal matching pursuit and the use of non-orthogonal determinants. The algorithm can represent molecular wave functions very accurately with few (non-orthogonal) determinants. In this talk, I will go over the method and a bit of the history of quantum chemistry ansatze. We see opportunities for the use of this method in the context of many-body quantum systems of interest in physics and also as a complementary approach for building non-orthogonal multicomponent tensor networks. I will go over these as well to hopefully begin discussion with the audience about these possible next steps.

:: Fri 11/14, 1:30 in 6C-442

Lorenza Viola (Dartmouth College)


:: Fri 11/21, 1:30 in 6C-442

John Preskill (California Institute of Technology)


:: Fri 12/5, 1:30 in 6C-442

Jess Riedel (IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights)



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