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2018 - 2019 (academic year)


:: Fri 11/2/18, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Ken Brown (Duke)
Compass Codes

The compass model of condensed-matter physics directly inspired the Bacon-Shor subsystem code, but both the Shor code and the rotated surface code can be considered as alternate choices for fixing gauge operators. I will discuss our work exploring the space of compass codes on LxL lattices and potential advantages over the surface codes for errors that are anisotropic or inhomogeneous in space. I will then focus on distance 3 versions of the compass code and describe their possible implementation with trapped atomic ions. This will include a discussion of stabilizer slicing for correcting systematic errors during syndrome extraction.

:: Fri 11/30/18, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Shruti Puri (Yale)
Quantum Error Correction with Biased Noise Cat-Qubits

Many physical systems exhibit error channels that are strongly biased, that is, one type of error dominates the channel. Naively, in this case error correction becomes much easier and more hardware efficient. However, maintaining the bias while performing gates which do not commute with the dominant error is not possible with two-dimensional systems. In this talk, I will demonstrate a way to circumvent this using the non-trivial topology of a continuous family of Schrödinger cat-state qubits. These bosonic qubits can be experimentally realized in a driven non-linear (Kerr) oscillator and exhibit a phase-flip rate that is exponentially suppressed relative to the bit-flip rate. The phase of the drive provides a continuous parameter that permits topologically-protected realization of CNOT gates in a bias-preserving manner. I will present all the bias-preserving operations possible with these cat qubits and discuss how these can lead to efficient quantum error correction codes.


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