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2017 - 2018 (academic year)


:: Fri 4/20/18, 1:30pm in 6C-442

Urmila Mahadev (Berkeley)
Classical Verification of Quantum Computations

We present the first protocol allowing a classical computer to interactively verify the result of an efficient quantum computation. We achieve this by constructing a measurement protocol, which enables a classical verifier to ensure that the quantum prover holds an n qubit quantum state, and correctly reports the results of measuring it in a basis of the verifier's choice. This is enforced based on the assumption that the learning with errors problem is computationally intractable for efficient quantum machines.

:: Fri 5/11/18, 1:30pm in 6C-442

David Gosset (IBM)
Classical simulation of quantum circuits dominated by Clifford gates

Stabilizer states are a rich class of quantum states which can be efficiently classically represented and manipulated. In this talk I will describe classical simulation algorithms for quantum circuits which are based on expressing a quantum state as a superposition of (as few as possible) stabilizer states. The runtime of these algorithms is polynomial in both the number of qubits and the number of Clifford gates but exponential in the number of non-Clifford gates. Based on arXiv:1601.07601 (with Sergey Bravyi) and work in progress with Sergey Bravyi, Dan Browne, Padraic Calpin, Earl Campbell and Mark Howard.


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